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Bromeliads for Cooler areas

By popular request here I have listed some more cold hardy bromeliads that I often have available on my eBay listing. This list is by no means complete as there are many more available which I will try to add from time to time.
Though erring on the side of caution here, there are exceptions to every rule and cold sensitivity is effected by many other factors which should be taken into account. EG. General nutritional status of the plant wind factors etc, Strong healthy plants are always less susceptible to the cold.

Aechmeas to-5 degrees.
A.Caudata A. Nudicaulis A.Blanchettiana -3
A.Cylindrata A.Recurvata recurvata A.Burgundy-3
A.Gamesepala A. Triangularis A.Pineliana-3
A.Recurvata Benrathii A.Mary Brett
Billbergias to -3
B.Nutans [Queens tears]-5
Billbergia Fantasia -3
Nidularium Billlbergoid- Procerum -5
Nidularium Billbergia-Rubra
Ananas -3

Neoregelia to -3
Carolinae [+various Hybrids]
Carolinea X painted lady
Noble descent
Midnight [on the official list but personally would be concerned below 0. for long period as the leaves are soft type leaves that are usually less tolerant of changes but these are records from new Zealand, tried and proven].

We here only have minor frosts so it is personally hard to do comparisons but many of these plants, I know are successfully grown by friends in the colder areas of N.S.W.
As a very general rule Bromeliads with harder type leaves are more flexible.
As I mentioned the list is by no means complete!.... but these plants are just some that I personally grow and have available on my listings and in store from time to time.
Hope this is useful......happy gardening and stay warm.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bromeliads,A Growing Obsession

Neoregelia Carcarodon Tiger - simply superb large plant.
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N.Prince of darkness x Heartmusic 1 banded .Select New Release. 

N.StarStruck- New release 

N.Raintrees hyb New release

N.New release- Very Large Growing hybid of 2 tone- select form
 See face book pages for more details.


N.Freedom hyb 2 one of the bluest of the blues.

New releases coming soon. N.Conc x Grande 3 hybrids

Neoregelia grace x break of day no 1 orange form. Available again hopefully by end of 2012

 New Neoregelia Chlorostricta hyb - coming soon
N.Conc x Grande hyb 3

N.Lavender Blue X Lilac Dream

N.Luna song - returning Late Dec 12

N.Billy Ninja Purple form

Coming Late 2012/13

Neoregelia New Crosses

Right Neorergelia Reward Grape

Neoregelia Ol hyb. "Jaffa'

 Neoregelia Medallion 1

Neoregelia Princess grace x grace 2F

Neoregelia Purple star1 New release

Guzmania New form Variegated

Neoregelia Johanis x vulcan hyb- very large New release

 Guzmania Kapoho fire
Vriesea Kiwi x squiggles hybrid New release

Neoregelia New Releases

Neoregelia Medusa spiral Select form

Neoregelia Medusa 

Bromeliad Neoregelia Conc x Dandelion- New Release

Neoregelia Marble throat X Barbarian -New

One of the lovely Cliff Sivvid Hybrids

These + more coming soon to eBay

N.Blue Lagoon [immature plant]


N.Heart music - one of the lovely forms

Freshwater crayfish enjoys a Neoregelia


Neoregelia Hybrids make a wonderful display

A.Purple Gem hyb

N.Blue lagoon

N.Isabel No1

N.Amethyst Queen[various forms]

N.Two Tone X Gee Whizz
A.Fendleri-Pink foliage
N.Emberdancer New - stunning plant adapts well to sun in mild areas.

N.Johannis de rolf *Select form. Grows to 1m- 
above. A.Fendleri select pink form and N.Emberdancer - stunning New plant that grows very large. Photo here is of an immature plant will add picture of mature plant as soon as available.
***New Releases marked *** below are still in very limited supply or even 1 offs at present. More will be available later this year and one now + then in between in the auction listings.

N.Takamura PrincepsX Nice one Hyb -No2  ****New release*****

Neoregelia Hullabaloo [Painted ladyX Hyb] New Release ********

N.Hullabaloo***New Release*******

N.Takamura Princeps X Nice one Hyb*****NEW*****

N.Rosy Morn Hyb-   ** HUGE PLANT 1M or More

N.Takamura Princeps X Nice one Hyb No3**NEW******

N.Celebrity Hyb ****New***

N.Break of Day X Chlorostricta ****New*****

Neoregelia Billy Ninja No1 New.  

N.Princess Grace Hybrid***New***

N.Pure Red *********

Neoregelia New Release coming Soon Lovely Spiral [more mauve tones than photo here.

 Above shows Neoregelia Compacta Dark form. A Great plant that clings to the nearest object. Ideal up a tree providing there is good bright filtered light and better still some morning sun. Long 30cm Stolons are produced as shown on above.

N.Royal Burgundy Supreme
N.Lamberts Pride Hawii - beauty dressed in oranges and lemons - a happy sunny plant to 50cm in good light.

Below; N.Tossed salad
N.Tangerine; several forms

N.Enchantment Variegata left
below; N.Concentrica unusual red form

Center- Neoregelia Two tone A
N.Princess Grace Large form
                                                                 Below;Alcantera extensa- huge growing beautiful plant with a massive 2m flower spike that brings in the feathered friends in droves.

N.Jewelery Shop left.
Below; N.Lilac Dream.several different forms of this beautiful Neoregelia -
****Below N.Tangerine [3 different forms]
N.Tangerine various forms

Above and below - *New Release Neoregelia Hybrids

***New Neoregelia Hybrids coming over the next few months.
*Above is just a taste of whats to come over the next few months. 2011 should see more plentiful supplies of these great new releases gradually become available.
*New*Coming Soon

Neoregelia Rainbow X Brilliant guy X Midnight * New Release coming in the next few months.

Neoregelia Lavender blue No2 immature plant - Even more beautiful when it grows up. Grows around 40+cm.

Below N Southsayer [3 different forms avail]
Left; N.Orange glow

N.Manoa Beauty select form

N.Manoa Beauty Select form

N.Midnight Express AD

New Release N Lavender Blue X spectrum No1

N.Concentrica X [N.Lunasong] New Release

N.Concentrica X Concentrica Hyb - New Release, yet to be named this unusual, fascinating Neoregelia.

N.Two tone X gee whiz - center of a semi mature plant. There are several forms of this huge growing stunning hybrid.

N.Southsayer hyb. [Yamamoto Hyb X]
Great shape in this jazzy Neoregelia

Neoregelia Rio Grand *Select Form is a large showy plant
Neoregelia Fosperior Perfection x Narelle No2 Hyb 1 is a showy New release, at the other end of the color spectrum.

N.Red Veil - Immature plant - stunning large grower with lots of lush leaves when fully grown.


*Some more beautiful *New Releases are finally starting to come through, at last and will be listed over the coming weeks - many still in very limited supply and some still in the one-off stage for now but the coming summer should see more of these long over due adults start to flower and produce offsets.

Resident frog takes care of a new pup
Made to fit...bath time
N.Sweet Dreams 1
N.Heart music two hybrid- [the runaway rogue seedling]
N.Sweet dreams select form is a large growing stunning plant.

N. Enchantment Albomarginata

N.Two tone X Gee Whiz No2- grows very large**New**.

N.Lilac Dream No2 B [3 different forms of this lovely plant] Photo here- an immature plant - gets busier as it matures.
N.Blackout Select form - Grows Huge, Great for a display plant.

Semi-Mature..banding and colors intensify closer to flowering.
N.Blackout select form..closer to flowering.

N.Fireplum Hybrid is a simply stunning larger growing plant with lots of leaves and nice patterns on the foliage..


****Photo  Update May-Sept 2010

*Various clones* As plants vary greatly from grower to grower & selective breeding results in often considerably large changes to plants, where possible add clones & numbers to plants to assist with identification.
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****New*** Q and A pages.

****Also links to a page - previewing upcoming plants that will be newly listed in the coming weeks....below are a few of the plants coming soon. 
*Keeps scrolling for more Great Plants

N.Cliff Sivvid Hybrid

N.Stars and Bars USA

N.Stars and Bars USA
A.Shining Light [Top left] A.Delmar [bottom]
A.Little Halv -  Large showy landscaping plant- available in 2011

N.Meyendorfii Orange form

New Release available in 2011
N.Copper Penny
Aechmeas make fantastic landscaping plants mixed among the Neoregelias.
Left blue Tango [above]
 These and more coming soon to future listings.
Aechmeas are a great companion to a Neoregelia collection as the plants enjoy a similar environmet. 
The long lasting flower display remains showy for many months and create a great haven for frogs and birds. 

Happy Planting

Neoregelia Pups potted up and Growing on- soon ready for sale.
N.Stormy Desert
. Mounting Bromeliads on Trees - Link

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