Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bromeliads,A Growing Obsession

Neoregelia Carcarodon Tiger - simply superb large plant.
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N.Prince of darkness x Heartmusic 1 banded .Select New Release. 

N.StarStruck- New release 

N.Raintrees hyb New release

N.New release- Very Large Growing hybid of 2 tone- select form
 See face book pages for more details.


N.Freedom hyb 2 one of the bluest of the blues.

New releases coming soon. N.Conc x Grande 3 hybrids

Neoregelia grace x break of day no 1 orange form. Available again hopefully by end of 2012

 New Neoregelia Chlorostricta hyb - coming soon
N.Conc x Grande hyb 3

N.Lavender Blue X Lilac Dream

N.Luna song - returning Late Dec 12

N.Billy Ninja Purple form

Coming Late 2012/13

Neoregelia New Crosses

Right Neorergelia Reward Grape

Neoregelia Ol hyb. "Jaffa'

 Neoregelia Medallion 1

Neoregelia Princess grace x grace 2F

Neoregelia Purple star1 New release

Guzmania New form Variegated

Neoregelia Johanis x vulcan hyb- very large New release

 Guzmania Kapoho fire
Vriesea Kiwi x squiggles hybrid New release

Neoregelia New Releases

Neoregelia Medusa spiral Select form

Neoregelia Medusa 

Bromeliad Neoregelia Conc x Dandelion- New Release

Neoregelia Marble throat X Barbarian -New

One of the lovely Cliff Sivvid Hybrids

These + more coming soon to eBay

N.Blue Lagoon [immature plant]


N.Heart music - one of the lovely forms

Freshwater crayfish enjoys a Neoregelia


Neoregelia Hybrids make a wonderful display

A.Purple Gem hyb

N.Blue lagoon

N.Isabel No1

N.Amethyst Queen[various forms]

N.Two Tone X Gee Whizz
A.Fendleri-Pink foliage
N.Emberdancer New - stunning plant adapts well to sun in mild areas.

N.Johannis de rolf *Select form. Grows to 1m- 
above. A.Fendleri select pink form and N.Emberdancer - stunning New plant that grows very large. Photo here is of an immature plant will add picture of mature plant as soon as available.
***New Releases marked *** below are still in very limited supply or even 1 offs at present. More will be available later this year and one now + then in between in the auction listings.

N.Takamura PrincepsX Nice one Hyb -No2  ****New release*****

Neoregelia Hullabaloo [Painted ladyX Hyb] New Release ********

N.Hullabaloo***New Release*******

N.Takamura Princeps X Nice one Hyb*****NEW*****

N.Rosy Morn Hyb-   ** HUGE PLANT 1M or More

N.Takamura Princeps X Nice one Hyb No3**NEW******

N.Celebrity Hyb ****New***

N.Break of Day X Chlorostricta ****New*****

Neoregelia Billy Ninja No1 New.  

N.Princess Grace Hybrid***New***

N.Pure Red *********

Neoregelia New Release coming Soon Lovely Spiral [more mauve tones than photo here.

 Above shows Neoregelia Compacta Dark form. A Great plant that clings to the nearest object. Ideal up a tree providing there is good bright filtered light and better still some morning sun. Long 30cm Stolons are produced as shown on above.

N.Royal Burgundy Supreme
N.Lamberts Pride Hawii - beauty dressed in oranges and lemons - a happy sunny plant to 50cm in good light.

Below; N.Tossed salad
N.Tangerine; several forms

N.Enchantment Variegata left
below; N.Concentrica unusual red form

Center- Neoregelia Two tone A
N.Princess Grace Large form
                                                                 Below;Alcantera extensa- huge growing beautiful plant with a massive 2m flower spike that brings in the feathered friends in droves.

N.Jewelery Shop left.
Below; N.Lilac Dream.several different forms of this beautiful Neoregelia -
****Below N.Tangerine [3 different forms]
N.Tangerine various forms

Above and below - *New Release Neoregelia Hybrids

***New Neoregelia Hybrids coming over the next few months.
*Above is just a taste of whats to come over the next few months. 2011 should see more plentiful supplies of these great new releases gradually become available.
*New*Coming Soon

Neoregelia Rainbow X Brilliant guy X Midnight * New Release coming in the next few months.

Neoregelia Lavender blue No2 immature plant - Even more beautiful when it grows up. Grows around 40+cm.

Below N Southsayer [3 different forms avail]
Left; N.Orange glow

N.Manoa Beauty select form

N.Manoa Beauty Select form

N.Midnight Express AD

New Release N Lavender Blue X spectrum No1

N.Concentrica X [N.Lunasong] New Release

N.Concentrica X Concentrica Hyb - New Release, yet to be named this unusual, fascinating Neoregelia.

N.Two tone X gee whiz - center of a semi mature plant. There are several forms of this huge growing stunning hybrid.

N.Southsayer hyb. [Yamamoto Hyb X]
Great shape in this jazzy Neoregelia

Neoregelia Rio Grand *Select Form is a large showy plant
Neoregelia Fosperior Perfection x Narelle No2 Hyb 1 is a showy New release, at the other end of the color spectrum.

N.Red Veil - Immature plant - stunning large grower with lots of lush leaves when fully grown.


*Some more beautiful *New Releases are finally starting to come through, at last and will be listed over the coming weeks - many still in very limited supply and some still in the one-off stage for now but the coming summer should see more of these long over due adults start to flower and produce offsets.

Resident frog takes care of a new pup
Made to fit...bath time
N.Sweet Dreams 1
N.Heart music two hybrid- [the runaway rogue seedling]
N.Sweet dreams select form is a large growing stunning plant.

N. Enchantment Albomarginata

N.Two tone X Gee Whiz No2- grows very large**New**.

N.Lilac Dream No2 B [3 different forms of this lovely plant] Photo here- an immature plant - gets busier as it matures.
N.Blackout Select form - Grows Huge, Great for a display plant.

Semi-Mature..banding and colors intensify closer to flowering.
N.Blackout select form..closer to flowering.

N.Fireplum Hybrid is a simply stunning larger growing plant with lots of leaves and nice patterns on the foliage..


****Photo  Update May-Sept 2010

*Various clones* As plants vary greatly from grower to grower & selective breeding results in often considerably large changes to plants, where possible add clones & numbers to plants to assist with identification.
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N.Cliff Sivvid Hybrid

N.Stars and Bars USA

N.Stars and Bars USA
A.Shining Light [Top left] A.Delmar [bottom]
A.Little Halv -  Large showy landscaping plant- available in 2011

N.Meyendorfii Orange form

New Release available in 2011
N.Copper Penny
Aechmeas make fantastic landscaping plants mixed among the Neoregelias.
Left blue Tango [above]
 These and more coming soon to future listings.
Aechmeas are a great companion to a Neoregelia collection as the plants enjoy a similar environmet. 
The long lasting flower display remains showy for many months and create a great haven for frogs and birds. 

Happy Planting

Neoregelia Pups potted up and Growing on- soon ready for sale.
N.Stormy Desert
. Mounting Bromeliads on Trees - Link

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