Aechmea, Billbergia,Guzmania, Honey Bird Feasts & More

Bromeliads & Orchids make great companions, enjoying a similar environment & Good Bright filtered light levels.

Birds Adore - Aechmea Raja

& Aecmea Rubins provides nectar almost for the whole winter
Even on this older Aechmea Rubins flower many many months old - still provides Nector
Birds also love Vriesea Flowers. This V.Tiffany Hyb, not yet open provides pollen for a long period.

As does V.Saudersii X Vigerii from the US.

A.Ramosa has long lasting showy bird attractant flowers

Aechmea Caudata [Kert] has many great forms- all sizes produce a brilliant source of Nectar in these 'super easy care' long flowering plants.

A.Blancetiana had fabulous showy long lasting flowers & is great for landscaping with its showy foliage.

Aechmea Fasciata Purpurea Special* has great dark colored foliage and showy silver bands on the foliage, an added bonus to the wonderful Fasciata super long lasting Flowers..

More for the birds- flowers yet to open.

This A.Fireball hyb. features superb shiny wine red foliage in a perfect vase.

Billbergia Red Emporess is a larger grower- fantastic grown in a clump or singularly.

Foliage a real eye catcher.

I do have a lot to smile about - as the owner of this prime real estate.

A.Caudata No3.RHP Features a very tall showy flower on a long stem to 40cm standing high above the foliage - 'Red hot poker'.An easy care plant that looks great in a clump...delights our feathered friends alike. The foliage is silver/grey when grown in a bright but shaded area.

A.Caudata Variegata Large form - is a versatile excellent very showy landscaping plant.

A.Caudata Variegata

Doesn't mind root competition - easy care Caudatas

Birds Love this New Vriesea USA Import. NB; The foliage on this plant when grown in good light is a beautiful Neo-like purple...the plant shown here has been grown in an over shaded area. A Large plant that consumes quite a lot of space. The pups on offer however, show the true foliage color. *************One Could be tricked into thinking this was a Neoregelia until the huge red spike emerges.

Long lasting flowers laden with nectar. Creatively designed by nature cleverly limiting access to all but the honey birds.

Aechmea Gracilis to 40cm in flower - Flowers stand high above foliage. Great in a hanger where it will grow out the sides, or as a border plant. Grows best in Bark.

"Think I will go upstairs for a sauna"

Many Aechmea in the Recuvata, Caudata & Recuvata Sharp Family feature great inky purple centers and blotches when grown in high light + low nutrient. An added bonus when not in flower.

A. Shining Light & Aechmea Delmar Blue, large form. See also Blue Tango

"Hello I am Back"

The Managing Director Brookreflections Bromeliad Nursery

Birds Love this Multi flowered Billbergia Nutans 'Queens Tears'

Nutans-Blue Satin flowers Loaded with Pollen

Billbergia Pyramidalis "Kyoto"

PRIME REAL ESTATE ******6 STAR Accommodation.

A.Recurvata S Also features floiage that turns blue in the center ** as mentioned above.

Glistening Rain drops in a spiders web

"YUM" a resident cleaner

Liquid Sunshine

A.Fasciata Spineless form

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Water now such a precious & valuable commodity, a huge burden for many nurseries... fortunately Bromeliads can happily survive on minimal amounts.  However it is always truly heartwarming when Huey provides.


Life at the Top - my secure pathway to the sun.

The Mouse, Rabbit & Security Control manager- "The Brom Boss"

Aechmea.Recurvata Hyb Pink flower form 2

A.Caudata [Kert]

A.Weilbacci Has long bright red stem all the way to the base & a lovely shiny vase of lots of leaves.

A. Purple Gem Select form

A.Blanchetiana flower bud...lasts so long and birds truly love this large plant.



Guzmania Lantra star   Guzmania Giant plants

Lantra Star Select

Guzmania Lantra Star Select form

Lantra Star
New Guzmania Lantra Star Select

Alc. coming into flower...

The Luxury spacious A. Blanchetiana at the entrance are my secure family home ...there is a plant to suit everybody & every situation.     See you soon.

More Photos Coming Soon.
Happy Planting.