Thursday, June 21, 2007

By popular request here I have listed some more cold hardy bromeliads that I often have available on my eBay listing. This list is by no means complete as there are many more available which I will try to add from time to time.
Though erring on the side of caution here, there are exceptions to every rule and cold sensitivity is effected by many other factors which should be taken into account. EG. General nutritional status of the plant wind factors etc, Strong healthy plants are always less susceptible to the cold.

Aechmeas to-5 degrees.
A.Caudata A. Nudicaulis A.Blanchettiana -3
A.Cylindrata A.Recurvata recurvata A.Burgundy-3
A.Gamesepala A. Triangularis A.Pineliana-3
A.Recurvata Benrathii A.Mary Brett
Billbergias to -3
B.Nutans [Queens tears]-5
Billbergia Fantasia -3
Nidularium Billlbergoid- Procerum -5
Nidularium Billbergia-Rubra
Ananas -3

Neoregelia to -3
Carolinae [+various Hybrids]
Carolinea X painted lady
Noble descent
Midnight [on the official list but personally would be concerned below 0. for long period as the leaves are soft type leaves that are usually less tolerant of changes but these are records from new Zealand, tried and proven].

We here only have minor frosts so it is personally hard to do comparisons but many of these plants, I know are successfully grown by friends in the colder areas of N.S.W.
As a very general rule Bromeliads with harder type leaves are more flexible.
As I mentioned the list is by no means complete!.... but these plants are just some that I personally grow and have available on my listings and in store from time to time.
Hope this is useful......happy gardening and stay warm.

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