About Bromeliad Specialist Nurseries;

Many Bromeliad Nurseries have merely evolved accidentally from obsessed collectors collections, bursting at the seams. There is often a very fine line in between. It is a pastime that becomes an all consuming passion to seek and find just that one more, that is different...and so it seems, there is always that 'just one more' waiting to be gathered up and nurtured. Many a shade house is a victim of 'just one more' extension until sadly we discover the council roadway unexpectedly, rudely encroaching on our property. Then there is always the challenge of hanging them from the trees, adorning the shed, and any other structure that gets in the way. So why do these exotic plants become such an addiction? The answer has to be many reasons, but for one certainty Bromeliads must be one of the most rewarding and forgiving of all garden plants. Even the saddest tatty little green ugly duckling of a Neoregelia can turn into a flourishing beauty bursting with color and energy with a little bit of basic care.
Collections can run into many thousands of different plants and with such stunning new releases arriving all the time, it makes that 'just one more' even harder to resist. It is these vast collections of different plants that make the Bromeliad Nursery even more unique.

Unlike your regular plant nurseries, that may have several of a certain type of plant for sale, many Bromeliad Nurseries or large collections are unlikely to have any more than 1 or 2 of a particular chosen 'stock' plant. Very rarely are any of these 'stock' plants for sale.

These growers instead often have 100's or 1000's of different 'stock' plants that they keep, to propagate from. These 'stock' plants are usually kept and grown on, for the purpose of  producing offsets or pups.
These 'stock plants can take 2 - 5 years or more [depending on the variety] to initially grow to maturity and once they reach flowering age may only each produce 3 to 6 offsets each. Usually, 1 or 2 of these offsets are retained by the grower to eventually replace the parent plant which over time gradually dies off.
The few remaining offsets are then often offered for sale - because of this, sadly, it maybe quite some time before you will see the same plant for sale once again.It often pays to have a 2nd choice in mind.
For many growers, because of this long growth time frame, it makes it difficult to find the vast space one would need to keep and grow on several of any one given plant in various sizes.
With so many 1000's of different varieties plants with more new hybrids being bred almost daily, in order to collect a wide range of plants and allow adequate space for the new arrivals for many growers it is necessary to limit the numbers space consuming duplicates. One needs to stay focused on the select 'more special' types.
For growers many of the new release, newly created hybrid plants -  selected for 'stock' are initially very expensive to obtain, having either gone through the expensive import process or the ever time consuming hybridizing process or both, are then only often available initially in only 1's and 2's - making the task even longer before we see new wonderful plants readily available for sale. These costs are initially passed on to the consumer whilst the supply is still limited...but in time comes down as stocks increase.  Collecting Bromeliads often requires patience, as with a limited supply of many plants, especially the new types, the wait sometimes long - but one thing is for certain 'truly- good things come to those who wait'

Many of the larger specialized Bromeliad Nurseries have a special 'display only' area separate from their 'stock' plants, or sell young offsets from their collection via mail order from photos of the adult plants.
Nursery visitors, that are new to growing, could be forgiven in thinking 'what you see- is for sale' this very often sadly, not the case and will find only certain plants available at different times. But for collectors like myself...this merely adds to the danger- for often, what one can't have, one only wants even more! It merely becomes that 'just one more' on that 'must- have' list!