**NEW*PHOTOS & More..

Neoregelia New- coming late 2012 

New in 2012- Neoregelia hybrid coming soon

..resident house keeper- 'mighty mite muncher'....

available mid 2012
Neoregelia New Release coming Mid 2012

Neoregelia Blue Thunder Hyb

Neoregelia New Release available soon.
Neoregelia Grande X Narelle hyb 2.[there are several forms of this lovely cross] Available starting 2012 - mid year more varieties.

Neoregelia Blue lagoon x Concentrica No2


Neoregelia Break of day hybrids- small form
Neoregelia Concentrica X Compacta

Neoregelia New small grower

Birds Love this New Imported Large growing Red spike Vriesea


N.Princess Grace Hyb X Purple rain

Orchids Cacti & Bromeliads enjoy similar environment

N.Domino - New release

Neoregelia Concentrica X Fairytale X Empathy  *New Release* A beautiful large growing strong Neoregelia.
Photo here is of an immature plant, the color will develop further on this plant with a great showy purple center.

Neoregelia Bold Streak X Fireworks Large Grower 50-60cm

Neoregelia Fairytale X Takamura Hyb


Spikes on bromeliads create a safe haven, including private bathing facilities for our little friends

taking care of business

N.Blackout *Select form* Grows large

N.Black out - this select form turns vivid purple in the center before flowering.

Neoregelia Blackout Select Form - very large grower

Neoregelia Satsumi Mini hybrid- Grows only 25cm.

Vriesea Hybrid. Showy Large branching flower.
Cryptanthus Elaine Hyb

Neoregelia Purple Star
Neoregelia Little Gem Hyb MINI hybrid 25-30cm

Neoregelia Red Speck ***    Climbing Neoregelia

Showy Climber growing 35-40cm - ***clings to the nearest object
Neoregelia Lavender blue x spectrum hyb 2 - larger grower 45-50cm or more.

N.GraceXBreak of day Red form 2 Banded* New

The Big Moment is coming on this Huge Blue Alcantera.

Amazing fast grower for a Bromeliad- this huge plant is only around 3 years old.

These Photos updated soon.
Taken on a dull day...flowers reached the roof

N.Blue Thunder hyb - 2012- also coming N.Blue Blood

New Release coming in 2012

N.Stormy Weather Thundercloud 'select form'

N.Satellite Hybrid - Great showy color - coming soon.

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Billbergia Halleluyah-

B.Halleluyah- Great plant

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New Guzmanias coming soon.

N.Spectrum hybrid - colors further in the center.
> Break of Day hyb- sorry picture poor quality

N.Gunpowder Variegata Select hyb- beautiful mauve large grower

N.Lilac Dream2XConcentrica Hyb - New Release

N.Amethyst Queen No2 select
Mini Hybrid Turmoil
Neoregelia New Hybrid - crossed with Iyah- Poor photo of this lovely interesting plant

Neoregelia Blackbands Mini Hybrid

Neoregelia Whim hyb Mini
Neoregelia Whim hyb
 Neoregelia Rosella X  Mini hyb to 25m

there is a bromeliad to suit every body

To fit every situation - even cosy small spaces

Small Homes & Small Spaces- these Mini hybrids grow only 3x4 inches - N.Black Bands

Tillandsia Listed soon.

Neoregelia New Release coming very soon

Brilliant contrasting color

Tillandsia *Ideal for mounting - this long trailing plant.

Aechmea Naudicaulis X Vante

Neoregelia MINI hyb. Svengali Hy New*

'Ribbbit' 'ribbit' 'ribbit'
Neoregelia Twotone2 X Gee whizz 3 New form

Neoregelia New Release

More coming soon

Color Your World

Great Contrast Available late 2011

New Plants cominfg soon

New Mini Hybrid - hard to capture the superb glowing coral color with fine Gold stars- very pretty plant - 25cm

Neoregelia Omnimous *New Mini Hybrid to 25cm

Neoregelia New Release- Limited supply only currently available- More expected in a few months.

Neoregelia PitchBlack No1 Select form- coming soon

Neoregelia New Release-coming soon.

Neoregelia New Release- available Mid 2012 [HybSXYamXAF1}HYB SXYAM1XAF

A Lovely Vanda Orchid coming into flower - Bromeliads and Orchids enjoy similar growing conditions - bringing extra life & perspective to the shadehouse when hanging from above. They also create an ideal microclimate providing they are not overshading the Neoregelias.

Neoregelia Orchid

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Neoregelia New release coming soon
 More Other Select Favorites

welcome to my golden world..

N.Allred spiral form

A.Black opal

N.Orange glow variegata

N.Hula girl select form

N.Lila 1

take a look around see what you can find.....

N.Orange glow var.

a smile is worth 1000 words

N.Painted ladyxmagnifica hyb

rest time for the boss

N.tricolor perfecta No2 [several forms]

ready for action...

the ever beautiful N.Royal cordovan

oooh bromeliads- such a luxury..
 more frogography coming soon.